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Almost 85% of the Licensed Massage Therapists at A Massage Oasis have been with the company for four years or more, which is very rare in the Spa and Massage Therapy industry….why do they stay?  The answer:  They love their job.  They love the ambience, program quality, freedom to do their best work, great schedules, and fair compensation.  They love making a difference for others! Kristen Sharma, founded A Massage Oasis in 2006. She opened the first location at the UIHC in January 2009 with the help of her husband, Dr. Sunil Sharma, and opened a second location there just six months later due to popular demand.  The CRWC location opened in 2010.  Together they have found some of the most amazing, loyal and talented massage therapists in the Iowa City area.   If you are looking for an excellent massage (both table and chair massage) on the University of Iowa campus in Iowa City, we are the best choice….and EVERYONE is welcome.  You do not need to be a University of Iowa student or employee to use any of our services.  We are very grateful to have Daniel, Jodi, Kim, Shannon, Karen and Seth on our TEAM OASIS!!

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