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Kristen Stephens Sharma- A Massage Oasis, LLC Founder


A Massage Oasis was founded in 2006 in Iowa by Kristen Stephens Sharma, a native of Iowa City, Iowa.  Her vision was to help people in pain, through massage therapy.  As a young woman, Kristen suffered from a chronic back injury which forced her to seek out alternative healthcare remedies.  She found that massage therapy was the only therapy that made a significant and sustainable difference for her pain level and she became a regular client of massage immediately. Kristen is also a Happiness Coach and facilitator of the Be Your Best Conference, Ignite Your Sparkle Now on-line program and Healing and Meditation Retreats. She was the Owner and Executive Director of East-West School of Integrative Healing Arts from 2006-2014. She is also an international singer/songwriter and known by many as “The Singer For Good Causes”. You can learn more about Kristen at www.KristenSharma.com.


A Massage Oasis was established with the goal of providing table and chair massage services at various locations in hospital, college campus and corporate settings.  Kristen’s team of Licensed Massage Therapists are some of the best in the Iowa City area and 75% of the therapists have been on the team for six years or more.  Clients come from all over the state to see our team of excellent and experienced massage therapists. (Please note that all therapists are educated and licensed according to the Iowa requirements…..be sure you are getting a professional massage by a licensed therapist.)


The business was nominated “Small Business of the Year” in 2009 by the Iowa City Chamber of Commerce.  In 2010, Kristen Sharma, Founder and CEO, was the winner of the annual “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” award for the state of Iowa, for making the most significant difference for others.  This award is called the Deb Dalziel Award, and was given to Kristen by the Governor of Iowa.


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